We support & highlight small businesses & their story

Why Choose Prairie + Pine?


We believe that every person can impact the world for the greater good. We believe that it is possible to be intentional with the way you choose to spend your money &  that the gifting experience can be simplified without sacrificing quality.

The companies that Prairie + Pine chooses to partner with are not just another corporation with a cute product that is manufactured for pennies. As we developed Prairie + Pine, we have built relationships with individuals who have a story. Each gift box is carefully crafted and to be a unique, one-of-a-kind creation that fills your heart with joy. The people that you are supporting have a story and we want you to feel a connection to them. 

We will work with your interests, create boxes that can elevate your brand and keep you connected to your clients/employees/customers.  When you partner with our small business that buys from another small business, it’s part of our greater good mission and the impact is greater than just a purchase.  



True Story...

...In September 2019, I sold my retail brick and mortar business of 15 years. I had made a random comment to my husband and said, “ My next dream job would be to just give people gifts.”

One year later, I had a conversation with my sister-in-law about gift giving and her recent experience seeking that special gift for a friend, and immediately my thoughts went to the comment I had said to my husband a year ago. I knew I had to pursue this avenue of gift giving. I’ve always loved giving gifts to people and finding the “unique” and making it look SPECIAL in the package and if you ask my family + friends, they will tell you of how I usually had a “story” to share about the gift I was giving.

I had also started a local artist boutique several years back while in my brick and mortar business because I saw the need to provide a better opportunity for artisans/makers to have their products more noticed and give an avenue to grow their business within my business. Supporting the artisans was a passion of mine, and I wanted to find a way to collaborate in a bigger way.

Fast forward to today , the start of PRAIRIE + PINE. A thoughtfully curated gift box company.

My mission is to keep the quality of the gifts as a priority and make the whole experience very special from start to finish.

The greater impact is helping non-profit organizations by donating 10% of all sales to support their mission.

Sara Rowland

Founder and Owner